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Artificial Flowers

Looking for beautiful artificial flowers at great prices? Star Florist's silk flower arrangements are popular amongst some of Melbourne most prestigious companies. To decorate a reception desk, corridor, function room, Board/Meeting room is effortless with our assortment of contemporary and modern designs, made to suit any decor.

Artificial flower arrangements have gained popularity in the last few years as the quality has increased and the price has significantly decreased. Both important factors for those looking to buy silk flower arrangement. Commonly, artificial arrangements can be found on corporate receptions desks. But they have become affordable and distributed widely enough to be used for decorating the home. The vast range of varieties and colours is enough to satisfy the fussiet buyer. Artificial flowers are a great alternative for having seasonal flowers in your home (or a wedding bouquet) when they are typically out of season.

Caring for Artificial Flowers

Unlike real flowers, artificial or silk flowers are relatively easy to care for. The biggest problem you will have is dust gathering on the leaves and petals. Every so often, or when required use a soft moist cloth (not wet) to wipe the dust off the flowers. Be sure the cloth is not wet as you may make the colour in the flowers/leaves run.
There are products you can buy to spray your flowers, that places a glossy film over them to protect their colours from water damage. Finding artificial flowers is common place now. They can be found in most shopping centres, online stores and homeware centres. Be sure to compare quality and price. Some artificial flowers are manufactured in China and others in Thailand, and the quality can be very different along with the price. Thailand manufacturers use latex rubber for Orchid Silk flowers which makes them almost lifelike.

Artificial Flowers in Pink      
Artificial Flower Arrangement in pinks

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