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Sadly there comes a time when someone you know or love is going through a bad time. Funerals happen, they are part and parcel of life and sometimes itís not possible to be with someone, in person when there is a death. It can be from the sudden nature of someoneís passing, or distance that makes it impossible for you to be there. Perhaps you just really don't know what to say or what to do this is where a funeral flower arrangement can help.
When you are choosing funeral flowers there are a few things to consider first. Do you know the person well? While many people choose to celebrate a life lost others prefer quite morning time and solitude. It helps if you know the family and can then send an arrangement you know will be appreciate and not disliked.
If the person is usually upbeat and looks to the bright side of any situation then a bright bouquet of flowers will be perfect. If on the other hand the person prefers solitude and time to grieve a simple elegant arrangement would be more appropriate, something with pale or neutral colours. Perhaps you don't know the person well and you feel at a loss at what funeral flowers to send why not a small living plant. While green isnít exactly neutral it is something that will last and they can perhaps place in their garden when they feel stronger?
Flowers have always been used at the time of oneís passing since ancient times and the tradition continues today, at wakes, cremations, funerals and services flowers are a symbol of beauty in what is normally a sombre atmosphere.
The most important reason for giving or sending funeral flowers is to show you care - for the deceased and for the bereaved family. Funeral flowers honour the life of the deceased with pale pastels for a soft feminine touch, pure white denotes peace, grace and purity while red flowers show undying love, for a more masculine theme the autumn tones are perfect.
You can also make funeral flowers more personal by using favourite flowers of the deceased or the loved ones. Funeral flowers can often be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes including sports items and insignias. You do not have to spend a lot Ė there are funeral flowers available for every budget from a single rose or modest mixed bouquet right up to a spectacular standing spray. Funeral flowers come in a range of sizes and prices and itís up to you what you want to spend.
Occasionally you find out about a passing after the funeral Ė family members still need love and support weeks and sometimes months after a death so you can still show your love and respect and send flowers directly to the family home. Funeral flowers are a perfect way to let someone know they are not alone and that people do care.


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Funeral Flowers

Star Florist deliver sympathy flowers to all churches, or funeral services in Melbourne. Time is critical, so orders are needed to be placed in advance a day
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