5 Gorgeous Flowers with Fantastic Vase-life – Check Out!

5 Gorgeous Flowers with Fantastic Vase-life – Check Out!

Fresh flower bouquets are perfect for any occasion. Also, if you're planning to gift someone a brilliantly handcrafted flower bouquet with Melbourne flower delivery on the same day, it’s better to do a little research to find the flowers that have a good vase life. When choosing the flower arrangements, think about the flower colour, variety, fragrance & same-day Melbourne flower delivery. However, there's one more thing you must consider is the vase life of flowers. Before you order flowers online in Melbourne, take out our flower choices with a long-lasting vase life and gift them. Let’s check them out!


Chrysanthemums are versatile flower options with an extraordinary vase life. It can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks and is available in a wide range of colours and hues with same day flower delivery in Melbourne. Whether as a standalone flower bouquet or mixed with other blooms, they will look spectacular in the vase.


Orchids are stunning flower that exudes sophistication and luxury in every aspect. It can stand tall & beautiful with a vase life of 2-3 weeks. If they dry after a month, they still look appealing and sweet-smelling.


Carnations are an alternative to roses. They look attractive and versatile and come in a variety of colours. With an impressive vase life of 2 weeks, carnations are a great pick when it comes to gifting your beloved.


Lilies are gorgeous, luxurious and come in stems. With an appeal, freshly cut lilies can last up to 10 days & which makes them more adorable and appealing.


These bulbed flowers require a lot of water to stay fresh. Be sure to keep the hydrangeas fresh by watering them from time to time. With proper care & their fragile bulbs can stay fresh and crisp up to a week.

The flowers in our list have an impressive vase-life and look breath-taking when hand-crafted into a bouquet. If you’re planning to send your beloved a flower delivery in Melbourne, call Star Florist on 1300 851 142.

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