Flowers For Mother's Day

Flowers For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Australia, a day of giving gifts to mothers. On Mother's Day it's important to choose the right flowers. Your mother, wife, grandmother, or aunt is obviously a very special person, you definitely want to spoil them and you want to get this right. Long associated with friendship, happiness and joy is the colour yellow and while it seems that pale pink has been the accepted colour of flowers to give mum on mother's day bouquets that feature yellow are also a wonderful choice. 

Yellow flowers are a great colour choice for mum; they are bright and cheerful and depending on the flower or bouquet you choose can look great hand tied - Daffodils are perfect as there are no thorns and their stems are smooth and soft. Yellow tulips also look great with a large bow and ribbon, while other yellow flowers such as daisies or chrysanthemums look best more traditionally wrapped in pretty paper and cellophane. 

The meaning of flowers is also quite interesting and is something you can take into consideration - with each coloured flower having a slightly different meaning that evokes different feelings and emotions. For example the yellow rose is considered to symbolise friendship, so they are a great flower to give to a friend's mum on Mother’s Day

Why not consider long stem yellow roses a bouquet of these hand tied look amazing and they make a great gift for mums of any age. For those mum’s who like a little colour or variety simply add some green foliage that is in season, yellows and greens make for a stunningly vibrant bouquet. Of course if you’d rather keep to the more traditional colours you could use pink roses or carnations instead. 

Carnations have also become a popular Mother's Day Flower and are great for those who don’t like roses, they also live quite long in water, are very affordable and also look pretty boxed, wrapped or hand tied. 
Sadly cost becomes a factor, especially if you have a few flowers to send so some simple but elegant carnations or a bouquet of in season mixed flowers are alternate ways to cut down the cost, while still being able to give your loved one (or ones) beautiful flowers on Mother's Day. 

You can go to your local Star Florist and pick up a bunch of flowers - which is perfect if you are seeing your mum on the day and can give them to her in person, or alternately you can order flowers on line or via the phone to be delivered to your mum on the day. Some online florists also offer small gifts that can be delivered with your flowers such as chocolates, wine or a soft toy. 

Always take advantage of any special offers or discounts that allow you to save a few dollars without compromising the quality - or size - of your bouquet.

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