Four Flowers to Gift to Your Woman in Life on International Women’s Day

Four Flowers to Gift to Your Woman in Life on International Women’s Day

March 8 is around the corner, and it’s the time for showing your gratitude for all the women in your life. Wondering what’s so special about this day? Well, it is International Women’s Day – the day on which the progression and achievement of women are celebrated across the globe.

Are you short of ideas to celebrate this special day? Well, sending a bouquet of Women’s Day flowers can make every woman in your life like mom, sister, friend, girlfriend and wife feel special. So, what are the best flowers to gift on International Women’s Day? Let’s see…


With a wide range of colours to choose from, both bold and subtle, you can’t go wrong with tulips. Their fragrance is very light, making them a good choice for a woman who is sensitive to strong smells. In ancient Persia, giving a yellow tulip represents that you are hopelessly and utterly in love, and a red tulip is a way to confirm your love.


When you are in doubt, it is hard to go wrong with roses. As a definitive symbol of romantic love, roses are available in a wide range of colours, each symbolising a different meaning. Their variety of colours and fragrance has made them the most popular flower to gift to women across the globe.


Known to capture the essence of femininity, lilies are a wonderful choice for Women’s day. Available in a range of colours like yellow, pink and white, the lilies represent many facets of womanhood like motherhood, beauty and passion.


Representing innocence, purity, happiness, love and sunshine of life, these proud blossoms can revitalise any room. The boldness of their colour and their mild smell makes them a good choice to cheer up someone special in your life.

There is no doubt that a woman holds keen importance in your life, and she needs to be appreciated for everything she does. This time, choose Star Florist’s online flower delivery melbourne service to get an exclusive floral arrangement for her. If you would like to give her a custom-made Women’s Day Bouquet, feel free to give us a call on 03 9798 6017 and book flowers for the woman in your life. 

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