Rose Varieties That You Didn’t Know Or Seen Before

Rose Varieties That You Didn’t Know Or Seen Before

Love roses? Roses are available in every shape, and colour and are the most admired flowers by people across the world. With over 150 species of roses and other hybrid varieties, roses are adored by everyone and each rose symbolizes different meanings like love, passion, romance, admiration, friendship, peace, purity, and innocence. To get the variety of best-quality roses, you must visit a florist in Melbourne CBD or order from any known florist in CBD for the fresh & rich blooms. If you would like to know the different roses to gift someone you adore, take a look.

Bourbon Rose

Bourbon roses are the perfect blend of beauty and fragrance. They are deep pink in colour, large, and have the most alluring perfume smell. They can be gifted as a bunch or added as filler in any flower bouquet for a grand look.

Centifolia Rose

Centifolia roses look like cabbage, available in white & pink and their petals are closely packed with each other giving a luscious round & globular shape, making them perfect for flower arrangements like centerpieces, arches, and screen beds, and much more.

Tea Rose

Tea roses usually have a larger bloom and are available in white, pink and yellow. These roses symbolize cheer, renewal, and hope. So, gift someone who is optimistic and deserves this fragrant-rich beauty.

Ausmus Rose

Ausmus is a deep yellow shrub rose ideal to gift your friend or partner with whom you laugh and share. They are available in deep & bright yellow tones and are large with a strong fragrance.

English Roses

From the royals to colourful Disney movies and in florist shops in Melbourne CBD, you could see these beautiful, perfume-rich, double blossomed roses. They’re attractive, large, and sweet-smelling and can make your flower bouquet look like a thousand bucks.

Be it any type of rose, they make for beautiful flower bouquets and are an ideal gift for various occasions. To get your favourite roses or any flower bouquets with flower delivery near CBD, order from Star Florist for a lovely surprise. For flower delivery across Melbourne, call 1300 851 142 today.

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