Selecting Birthday Flowers

Selecting Birthday Flowers

So, it’s a friend or family members birthday and you’re probably wondering what you can give in the way of a gift along with your card? Why not consider a lovely bouquet of flowers? Did you know that every zodiac sign and month has a flower associated with it? This is a great way to add a personal touch to your floral gift, giving flowers that are linked with the person’s birth month or zodiac sign.


Traditions dictate that every month has a flower that reflects the personality of those born during the month with many of these traditions dating back to the time of the Romans. Back then birthday celebrations were just a way to lavish gifts on the birthday boy or girl with flowers often symbolising how the Gods viewed the recipient. During Victorian times the so called *Language of flowers* came to mean that while flowers could represent not only the personality of the receiver but the colour of the flowers also carried with it a romantic message. This meant that an innocent bouquet of birthday flowers Melbourne could easily result unfortunately in *mixed messages*. 

You can also consider having birthday flowers made into a bouquet of their favourite colours, pinks, reds, yellows this is always a nice personal touch that is sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one or friend. 

The Traditional birth month flowers are: 
January: Carnation or Snowdrop; 
February: Violet or Primrose; 
March: Daffodil; 
April: Daisy or Sweet Pea; 
May: Lily of the Valley or Hawthorne; 
June: Rose
July: Larkspur; 
August: Poppy or Gladiolus; 
September: Aster or Morning Glory; 
October: Calendula; 
November: Chrysanthemum; and 
December; Holly or Narcissus.

Horoscope Flowers

If you know your recipients are into his or her star sign, (Horoscope) then why not choose flowers that are considered to represent a person’s star sign. If you love your star sign, why not let your loved ones know what your star sign is and hopefully you will get zodiac theme flowers for your birthday. 

Traditional horoscope flowers are: 

Capricorn: Ivy, Pansy, or Amaranthus; 
Aquarius: Hydrangea or Orchid; 
Pisces: Orchid or Water Lily; 
Aries: Honeysuckle or Thistle; 
Taurus: Rose, Poppy or Foxglove; 
Gemini: Honeysuckle or Jasmine; 
Cancer: Geranium or Water Lily; 
Leo: Sunflower or Marigold; 
Virgo: Buttercup or Forget-Me-Not; 
Libra: Rose; 
Scorpio: Geranium or Honeysuckle; 
Sagittarius: Dandelion or Begonia. 

Star Florist - Sending birthday flowers is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do, it helps relieve the *pressure* of trying to outdo last year’s gift and flowers are a great birthday gift for anyone that is hard to buy for. Fresh flowers brighten any room, smell lovely and you can add a small token gift such as a bottle of wine or box of chocolates. You can have flowers delivered or you can deliver them in person.
Roses are perfect for a wife or girlfriend while classic flowers such as tulips; freesia’s and Iris are perfect for your favourite female without looking overly romantic. These days’ flowers are NOT just for women and most men are both surprised and touched when they receive flowers for their birthday – wild or native flowers are perfect, they last well and don’t look overly feminine.

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