Top 5 Flower Myths Debunked Once For All

Top 5 Flower Myths Debunked Once For All

Flowers are certainly nature’s best gift. There is no denying that they are the messengers of our emotions and feelings. Be it their scent, colour, charm, or texture, everything plays a major role in enhancing our moods. Ask any local florist in Melbourne CBD, they will have lots to talk about different varieties of flowers and their meanings. There isn’t a single soul in this world that received a flower bouquet without a smile. That’s the power of flowers. It can instantly put you in a good mood, bring you closer to your people and keep you happy all the time. So, make it a habit to use online flower delivery now and then with a flower delivery convenient to you. No matter how many expensive gifts you buy for your loved one, nothing can convey your love or care to someone like flowers.  

Aside from all this, some people are still sceptical about flowers and being near them. Let’s steer clear of all the flower myths today.

Don’t Keep Flowers In Bedroom

One of the most common myths about flowers is that you shouldn’t keep them in the bedroom. However, that’s not the case. Cut flowers just emit their fragrance and help induce sleep. Only potted plants with heavily scented flowers are not recommended inside the bedroom as the fragrance may cause headaches for some. If you are keeping flowers inside the bedroom, make sure to keep them in the right corner of the home.

Flowers Cause Allergies

Some pollen in the flowers indeed causes allergies. However, that should not stop you from keeping your favourite blooms inside your living room. Because cut blooms won’t cause any allergy. Also, there are gorgeous allergy-free flowers in Dandenong which you can check with a florist before you buy.

A Bouquet Is Not Always About Roses

Many florist in Frankston  are coming up with unique flower arrangements with gorgeous flowers like orchids, dahlias, chrysanthemums, carnations, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, and more. While you certainly can’t deny the charm of roses, there’s always room for more. You can explore different flowers or have the florist recommend you the best flower bouquets.

Potted Flowering Plants Don’t Need Water

No. No plant can survive without water. Though your cactus and peace lilies don’t require much water, certainly they need weekly watering to give your beautiful flowers.

You Can Get Any Flower at any time

No. Just like fruits and veggies, flowers are seasonal too. So, if you have a specific occasion coming and you have a flower in mind, make sure to check with the florist for availability.

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