Types Of Flower Fragrance That Lasts Longer & You’ll Love Them

Types Of Flower Fragrance That Lasts Longer & You’ll Love Them

Flowers  -They’re delicate, beautiful & have an awe-inspiring aura. It calms the mind, heals hearts and magically excites people. Each flower has a unique fragrance, aids in comforting people. Moreover, when flowers are presented to someone, it will make the recipient brim with joy and laughter. So, order flowers online as often to make your people feel loved and remembered. There are many flowers with mesmerising fragrances that make a lovely flower bouquet as well. In today’s blog, we’ll reveal our favourites and believe us, you'll love them too.


This timeless & classic flower has a mild fragrance that steals every heart and is a prime choice for almost all occasions. From a romantic confession to majestic wedding décor, anniversary flower bouquets, Mother’s Day flower bouquets, roses can glorify every moment with their one-of-a-kind fragrance and lovable appeal.


These are often compared to lavenders for their appeal & sweet smell. Their bright & beautiful flower is available in many colours and has a long-lasting fragrance. Their cluster-flowers don’t require any help to maintain their freshness or fragrance and last about two weeks. This is why they’re often preferred in wedding decors, bouquets and even as flower wreaths.


Lavenders have a unique & distinctive scent that makes them the go-to flowers in bouquets, decors, perfumes and even in aromatherapies. Their scent is popular and is perfect for all occasions that people can’t stop falling in love with its colour and aroma.


Bright yellow, waxy petals and mesmerising aroma are what magnolias have to offer.  They are widely used in perfumes, medicines, and in aromatherapy centres. They’re perfect to grow outdoors and act as a natural décor to your yard. Magnolias are ideal for wedding bouquets & decors.


These purple flowers have a sweet smell just like the Magnolia and are great to present for birthdays & weddings & corporate events. The tiny-bud like floral arrangement makes it alluring and the smell is utterly divine & the perfect pick for every occasion.

So, if you’re glad to know these beauties  & their fragrances already, have them in your yard or present your loved one with flower bouquets from Star Florist. To order flowers online, call 1300 851 142 today.

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