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Our boxed flowers are best suited to those who travel home in a train or a crowded space. The boxed flowers offer a compact alternative to a flower arrangement and easier transportation. The flowers are arranged in a nicely decorative box with lid and ribbon, surely will be impressive. Absolutely perfect gift for sending to offices, company, hospital, and a good idea for corporate function.

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Boxed Flowers

No special occasion is complete without magnificent flowers. Sending flowers to someone you care about is certainly a great way of expressing your love and support. But, have you ever thought of sending a box of elegant flowers? If not, why not consider ordering roses in a box from Star Florist? We offer premium flowers that are packed in a bespoke presentation box instead of traditional vases. We take pride in our collection of rare, exotic flowers that truly reveals how much you care about your loved one.

Quality of Our Flowers:

The quality of our flowers is what sets us apart from other floral delivery services in Melbourne. Our flowers are specifically grown to last longer and remain fresh even for several days after dispatch. With excellent attributes and qualities, our boxed flowers will make a lifetime impression on our clients.

Immense Experience:

A present is really worth when it conveys a sense of surprise and makes moments cherishing. That’s why we recommend sending a bouquet of flowers in a box to your loved ones in a signature packing and with a personalized note. We also give you the option of choosing from a varied range of gift items such as delicious chocolates, teddy and other glamorous centerpieces that can be added to the boxed flowers to make the gift even more special.

Crafted With Love & Care:

Our passionate florists choose the finest quality fresh flowers and hand-condition the stems to ensure that your flowers look just marvelous. We will hand-tie your flowers elegantly, finish the packing with ribbon and present them in a gift box. We also add some stylish details to convert the flowers into a special gift.

From weddings to birthdays, our boxed flowers are perfect gift options for your loved ones. Call 1300 851 142 and place your order today.

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