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Special Valentine's Day Box Set

Special Valentine's Day Box Set

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The standard Valentine's Day collection gift box. It is exclusive to only Valentine's Day 2022.

It is time that the lucky poeple in your life have something more than flowers and will still last them a lifetime. It is just another way to say "I love you" by using the love of gift giving and not just words. Although this is the standard box, there are multiple options to choose from. It is a great gift for any loving couple. This is one step up from the standard box, and has more variety; another great gift set for the box.

This gift set includes:

-White enclosure laminate box with message on lid

-Preserved Rose wrapped in black and white paper

-15cm Teddy Bear

-French Vanilla fragrance reed diffuser

-65mL Hand Cream

-65mL Hand Scrub

-Diamond shaped bath bomb (white, pink or purple - colour will be chosen at random)

-3 X Ferreo Rochers

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